Dual Enrollment FAQs


What is the purpose of the Parker Performing Arts Dual Enrollment option for families?

Our desire is to support you in your homeschooling efforts by offering a dual enrollment option that would provide high quality instruction in select performing arts classes and giving you the social and peer support conducive to having a successful homeschool experience.


Does Dual Enrollment provide all of my homeschool curriculum?

No, we only provide curriculum and instruction for select performing arts classes. Our curriculum meets, and in most cases, exceeds Douglas County School District Standards.


Can my student be enrolled in Dual Enrollment and another publicly funded program/school?

No, your student is considered a part time student at Parker Performing Arts and may not be enrolled in another publicly funded program/school.


Where do classes meet?

Classes meet at Parker Performing Arts in Parker.


Are the teachers qualified to teach in Colorado?

All of our teachers are licensed and/or highly qualified to teach in Colorado per the Colorado Department of Education standards.


Does my student have to wear a uniform?

Yes, our students are required to adhere to our uniform policy found on our website.


Do you keep records?

No, record keeping is your responsibility as the primary homeschool educator. We will provide a report card for your records but these reports are not maintained as a permanent record by Parker Performing Arts.


What if we take a vacation?

A Dual Enrolled student will achieve their greatest benefit by attending all classes. Dual enrollment offers 90 hours of instruction each semester and possibly field trips throughout the year.


Will my student have work to do outside of the classroom?

Our staff is aware that you also have a very full academic schedule with your homeschool program. Assignments given in class will be expected to be completed during the class period.


Am I expected to volunteer in the classroom?

No, we understand this time is valuable to you as a homeschool teacher. You are certainly welcome to help as needed, but there are no volunteer requirements.


Can my student participate in Parker Performing Arts activities?

Yes, there are many school activities your child may participate in at PPA such as school plays, after school activities or any of the clubs we offer.


Does my student have priority in the PPA lottery?

No, PPA Dual Enrollment students will go through the same intent to enroll/lottery process as all other interested students.


How do I apply?

Please fill out the intent to enroll form to be included in the lottery or be placed on our waitlist.