PCA Marquee Birthday Wishes

The Parker Performing Arts Parent Community Association is very excited to offer a new PCA
fundraiser this year! For only $10.00, you can wish your student a “Happy Birthday” on our
electronic marquee! This is an ongoing fundraiser and will be available all school year long.
Each message will be displayed for one day. There will be a limit to 12 students who can be
celebrated on any said day. We will fulfill on a first come, first served basis, so please plan
It is important that you look closely at the date you are wanting – it could fall on a weekend, a
break, or a non-contact day. Please feel free to choose a date that is nearest to your day to
fulfill the birthday wishes message. If you student has a birthday in June, July, or very early
August before we return on the 7th, consider celebrating a “half” birthday!

Due to processing time, and time needed to input names into the system, we will require you to
sign up 10 or more days PRIOR to the desired day of celebration for you to sign your child up for
their Birthday message. Please plan ahead and submit prior to this 10 day lead time
requirement to assure your child will get their Birthday message on their desired day.

Please log into MySchoolBucks, click “School Store” at the top of the page, scroll down to
the “Featured Items” section, and click “View All” in order to find the icon for Birthday Marquee
Messages. You will be connected to the sign up and payment page at that time.

Happy Birthday! We look forward to celebrating all our Birthday students throughout the year!