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School Deliveries




When school work, instruments, lunches, and other items are brought to the office after the school day has started, the items will NOT be delivered to students. A ‘Student Pick-Up’ table is located in the vestibule for students to find their items, as well as a table in the lunchroom for dropped off lunches. The drop off/pick up table is available to minimize distractions and interruptions in the classroom as instruction time is so valuable.

Please review the following procedures with your student(s) to ensure their success for retrieval of dropped off items.

  • The office staff will not interrupt classes to call students to pick up items.
  • Please label the item before your arrival.
  • Non-lunch items (instruments, school work, etc.) may be placed on the table in the vestibule. Students will have the opportunity to pick up the item during their passing periods between classes. 
  • Lunch items will be accepted by the office staff and taken to the designated ‘Lunch Pick-Up’ table in the lunchroom. Students may pick up their lunch upon entering the cafeteria for their designated lunch time.
  • iPads may be given to the office staff. The office staff will call the student out of class for iPad pick up only.

Once the school day has started, adults are only allowed in classrooms when they have signed up for a volunteer activity on Help Counter. This is due to the high value we place on the instructional minutes for your children. When an adult comes into a classroom it leads to conversations, often turning into a parent/teacher conference. Unfortunately, this takes away from the learning time of all the students in the room. You are always welcome to email your student’s teacher(s) for information, clarification or to schedule a meeting.
  • If you need items taken to students immediately, the office staff will make quick arrangements by calling into the classroom, asking student aides to make a delivery, or
    taking items to rooms themselves.
  • iPads are always delivered within minutes.
  • Musical instruments are left in the foyer or outside the office doorway for students to pick up when they transition to their band/orchestra class.
  • Lunches are labeled by parents. They will be delivered to the lunchroom for students to pick up as they start their lunch time.
  • General drop off items are left in the foyer for students to pick up between classes or at a time the teacher prefers.
  • If a parent arrives before class has started and wants to help deliver items to a teacher/classroom, they may check in through the office with their drivers license and
    accompany their student to their classroom. Please keep in mind, this is not a parent/teacher conference time.