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School Deliveries




We all have those mornings when things don't quite go as planned: kid's lunches didn't get made, schoolwork was left on the counter, or dance clothes didn't get in the backpack. Life throws us curveballs! 

Please review the following procedures with your student(s):

  • When you bring things to the school for your child, please make sure your items have the student's name written on them before you arrive. 
  • We will ask you to leave them on a table in the vestibule, directly inside the main entrance. Students will have the opportunity to look on this table for dropped off items during their passing periods. 
  • Please understand that office staff will not interrupt classes to call students to pick up items. 
  • If you are bringing food, the office staff will take the lunch to a special "food pick-up" table in the lunchroom, for students to pick up as they go into the cafeteria to eat.  
  • Please review this procedure with your students so they know where to look for items that may be dropped off. We want to help you and your student move forward successfully through the day!