Middle School Performing Arts Electives

Middle School Orchestra

The Key Elements of 5th-8th Grade PPA Performing Arts Curriculum:

  • Daily performing arts training
  • Passionate & experienced teaching artists
  • Regular performance and recital opportunities


Students in grades 5th-8th will select 4 performing arts electives each semester. No previous performing arts experience will be necessary. Classes will be offered for students who are beginners, intermediate, and advanced in the performing arts.

Some students may choose to specialize in one artistic discipline, while others may enjoy sampling many different arts classes. For those students selecting a discipline focus, pay close attention to prerequisite requirements.

In addition to performing arts electives, students will also have the opportunity to select electives in a broad variety of other subjects such as visual arts, drawing, movement and fitness, debate, multi-media productions and yearbook.


The Five PPA Artistic Pathways:

Middle School Dance



Dance: Ballet (beginning, intermediate, advanced), Modern, Jazz and Tap




Middle School Choir





Vocal Music: Choir and Pop Choir




Middle School Band




Instrumental Music: Band (beginning, intermediate, advanced), Jazz Band, Orchestra (beginning, intermediate, advanced), Keyboard and Guitar

Middle School Theater





Theater: Theater, Theater Design, Theater Production Ensemble, and Shakespeare

Middle School Musical Theatre






Musical Theater: Musical Theater