Elementary Performing Arts Encores

The Key Elements of 1st-4th Grade PPA Performing Arts Curriculum:
Daily performing arts training
Passionate & experienced teaching artists
Regular performance and recital opportunities
1st-4th Grade:
Performing arts classes are designed to provide a solid foundation and skills in the four artistic disciplines offered at PPA. Students will participate daily in performing arts classes.
Kindergarten students receive push-in class time for the arts disciplines through out the week. 


The Four PPA Artistic Disciplines:

Elementary Music


Music: Students study instrumental and vocal music.  In vocal music students study units on range/pitch, harmony, and styles. Students study instrumental music using Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music curriculum (piano and intro to woodwind, brass, percussion and strings).




Elementary Theater





Musical Theater/Dance: Students study acting, scene and character development, book based storytelling, and the history of theater in addition to dance fundamentals to include units on ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, etc. to provide broad dance exposure.


Elementary Tumbling








Tumbling/Movement: Students learn the fundamentals of body movement as it relates to acrobatics. In addition to regular tumbling skills and exercises, students also study the body muscular systems.


Elementary Art







Visual Art: Students learn and create art based on visual art theories and composition. Students will work with a variety of mediums and learn about different artists and art styles.