PPA Student Directory

Thank you for your patience as we worked to create a directory that was FREE, easy to locate, can be accessed from multiple devices and just a few "clicks" away. The directory includes information for families who chose to OPT IN to this directory using the Google Link sent out in late October. Information was collected over a few weeks, organized, and now can be accessed in a few different places.

You can go to the Parent Community Association SchoolBuzz home page, click on the "Resources" tab, and locate the entire directory there. Teachers will also be placing their homeroom/grade level on their SchoolBuzz home pages under "Resources" as well.

Next fall, as we come back to school, we plan to have this be a part of the Check-In process so that its accessibility will be able to be utilized soon after school starts!

If you haven’t joined the directory yet and would like to, please click the link to the form below and fill out a form for each PPA child.  This link is to OPT IN to the directory if you haven't already done so.

Directory "OPT IN" Form: