Return to School Update - Zoom Parent Meeting on October 1 at 6pm!

Through our layers of safety, health screenings and creative scheduling, we have been able to remain in school longer than anyone predicted.   While we must continue to remain vigilant in our efforts, we are confident we can begin to safely move toward an in-person learning model for our elementary students in grades K-4 beginning on October 19.

Starting October 19, students in grades K-4 will attend classes in-person Monday-Thursday, leaving Friday as a day for teacher planning, small groups, office hours and student catch-up. 

Middle school students will remain in the hybrid model (2 days in-person and 2 days remotely) for the foreseeable future.  We will continue to assess the situation and make changes accordingly. 

As promised, we will continue to offer a fully remote option for our families that you will be able to opt into or out of prior to fall break.  A survey will be provided next week for you to indicate the preference for your family for quarter 2.

There was a great deal of thought that went into our decision to shift to full in-person learning, as well as our decision to remain hybrid with our middle school students, and I would appreciate the opportunity to share that with all of you. 

Please join me for an important zoom parent meeting on October 1 at 6pm (details below).

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Meeting ID: 230 262 0845