At PPA Kids are Free to Explore

Psychologists agree that this kind of freedom helps kids thrive. In fact, trying new things is essential to their healthy development. 


Free to Explore


No audition is required to attend PPA. Instruction is offered at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. Our students are exploring dance, movement, theater, music, and visual arts. 


Advanced dancers helping to each new PPA students the ins and outs of being a performing


“[Our daughter] has so much joy going to school every morning. We all 

appreciate that she is able to spend half of her school day exploring interests 

such as musical theatre, tumbling, dance, music, and art. We believe this, 

in addition to the amazing teachers at PPA, have helped her thrive.”

- PPA Parent


The school day is split between rigorous academics and performing arts training. Students learn literacy and math in a blended, one-to-one, technology-supported environment for half the day. They then practice movement, dance, instrumental and vocal music, theater, and visual arts under the direction of our professionally trained arts faculty for the rest of the school day.

Free to Create


Not every PPA student may want to be on stage. Those who prefer to be behind the scenes can try their hand at stage managing, lighting, directing, and even make-up. 


PPA students apply stage makeup to student actors as they prepare to perform The Wizard of Oz.


Our middle school electives include theater design and multimedia production where 5th - 8th graders learn how to write screenplays and direct movies. Our visual arts offerings include drawing, painting, sculpture and handicrafts. This program is designed to not only foster creative expression, communication through artistic endeavor, and appreciation of culture and heritage, but to enable students to refine their technique, increase their artistic vocabulary, and express themselves. 


Free to Perform


Shows take place throughout the school year. Past productions have included The Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and Seussical The Musical. Dance recitals, instrumental concerts, and choral performances are also scheduled regularly and often open to the public.  We provide the opportunity to have students perform on stage each semester.


PPA students who are dressed in costume and performing the Wizard of Oz  gather together on the Yellow Brick Road.


 Watching the grade level plays is hands down my favorite thing to attend 

and watching the growth all the students make each year. Can't wait to see 

where my children's journey takes them as they continue at PPA.”

- PPA Parent 


PPA is enrolling now for the 2024-25 school year. Complete this form and give your child the freedom to explore.




About Parker Performing Arts School


Parker Performing Arts School (PPA) is a public, tuition free performing arts school serving elementary and middle school students, chartered by the Douglas County School District. We deliver the art of education combining a rigorous academic curriculum and daily training in performing and visual arts We accept all K-8 students interested in pursuing their artistic passion. Enroll now.