Venue Rental



Facility Rental at Parker Performing Arts School


Parker Performing Arts School encourages and supports the fair and equal use of the Parker Performing Arts School facility for non-school sponsored activities, for all interested groups. Parker Performing Arts School space rentals are based on space availability on a first come, first serve basis. Parker Performing Arts School is a school first, we are not a full time venue facility. School events will take precedence over outside vendors. Parker Performing Arts School has the right to refuse rental space based on venue/space and staffing/personnel availability. It may take several days or weeks to receive a response to inquiries, based on the time of year and number of school activities in occurrence. 


We only accept rental requests using the Venue Rental Request Form below. We do not accept rental requests via email or phone call. Do not email or call the school for any rental inquiries. All unsolicited calls and emails will not receive a response. If you have any questions about rentals please email the venue manager at: [email protected]


Parker Performing Arts School is now accepting rental requests for the current school year, August 1st, 2024 - July 31st, 2025. 

Please see our rental availability calendar linked below for our current theater availability. 

Rental Rates

Main Stage Setup and/or Rehearsal = $75.00/hr.

Main Stage Professional Meeting = $150.00/hr. 

Main Stage Performance = $175.00/hr. 

Black Box Theater = $75.00/hr.

Green/Dressing Room = Included with Main Stage Rental

Specialty Classroom = $45.00/hr.

Standard Classroom = $40.00/hr.


Main Stage Theater Seating Capacity: 340 (including 4 ADA compliant seating options)

Black Box Theater Seating Capacity: 70 seat adjustable seating arrangement


Add On Services

Venue Oversight = $30/hr.

Venue Technician = $35/hr. (Technician replaces Oversight when applicable)

Marley Flooring (for dance rentals) = $100/rental + 1 additional hour of oversight if laid by PPA

Grand Piano = $150/rental

Orchestra Pit = $200/rental

Venue Wifi = $50/rental

Performance Tech Packages = Based on Technology Use *assessed per event

Daily Custodial Fee (added to all rentals) = assessed per event


Package Discounts

*Add on services/custodial fees do not apply

Rental of Two Spaces for an Event = 10% off total rental price

Rental of Three Spaces or More for an Event = 15% off total rental price

Non-Profit Discount Rate = 40% off total rental price


Venue Rental Available Hours (Subject to Change and Modification - based on normal school operation)

Monday - Friday = 5:00pm - 11:30pm

Saturday = 8:00am - 11:30pm

Sunday = No Availability



Full payment must be made by the day of your rental. You are not required to book more than one date at a time; however, if you are interested in a recurring rental or a rental for a duration longer than a single date, we cannot guarantee availability unless you reserve for all of those times in advance. Payment for multiple dates is due by the first rental date.


If you must cancel your Rental Event, a written notification of cancellation (email is acceptable) must be received by Parker Performing Arts School (Venue Manager) at least ten (10) business days prior to the start date of the Rental Event in order to avoid any financial obligation. Cancellations after that time may not be eligible for a refund and/or may be charged a late cancellation fee. 

Proof of Insurance and Background Checks

All renters MUST supply a current Certificate of Insurance, with Parker Performing Arts School named as “additional insured” (IMPORTANT!), in order to rent space at Parker Performing Arts School. If you intend for someone from your organization to teach Parker Performing Arts School students, those individuals must EACH undergo a background check and be fingerprinted at your expense. No renter may be regularly in front of Parker Performing Arts School students without first obtaining this background check.

Instructions for Rental Application and Process

  1. Check our Rental Availability Calendar linked at the top of the page. 
  2. Fill out the Venue Rental Request Form linked at the top of the page. 
  3. The Venue Manager will reach out to you within roughly 1 business week of receiving your request during the regular school year, requests over summer or during performance and showcase season may take longer to respond. 
  4. You may request a tour of the facility before signing your rental contract. Tour times are based on Venue availability. 
  5. After confirmation for your rental, you will receive your invoice, facility rental packet, and contract link. 
  6. Once your google form contract is signed and returned, your rental will be added to our calendar. 
  7. Payment is due by the first day of your rental.