The Added Benefits of PPA’s Arts-Focused Education

Some are curious and want to explore our five artistic pathways while others are interested in our unique approach to learning that combines academic rigor and daily arts training. No matter what their motivation to attend, every PPA student benefits from our program.


What Students Gain from an Arts Education


A Parker Performing Arts female elementary student performs a solo on stage.


A study on the impact of arts education for K-12 students found that the academic, social, and emotional benefits are significant.


“Arts-learning experiences benefit students in terms of reductions in disciplinary infractions, increases in compassion for others and improvements in writing achievement. Furthermore, arts-education experiences improve school engagement
and college aspirations.


- Houston Education Research Consortium


Parker Performing Arts combines a rigorous academic curriculum with daily training in performing arts. Beginning in kindergarten, students build a solid foundation in four artistic disciplines: music, musical theater/dance, tumbling/movement and visual art. In middle school, 5th - 8th graders select four performing arts electives each semester from the 5 PPA Artistic Pathways.

Arts Education Inspires Learning

“At PPA we coalesce around the arts so kids can focus on what it is they want to do;
but we’re growing kids academically as well as artistically here.


- Phil Molfino, PPA Principal


A group of Parker Performing Arts middle school advanced dancers mentor 2nd graders in a dance class.


No audition is required to attend PPA. Arts instruction is offered at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. More advanced students mentor and teach younger students which encourages collaboration and empathy, more skills that develop through our distinctive program.


“The conceptual things that underlie music, theater, and dance like counting out
 beats, writing scripts or blocking a play – every artistic process – also develops 
academic skills.


- Phil Molfino, PPA Principal


The school day is split between rigorous academics and performing arts training. At the elementary level (K-4th grade) our students engage in literacy and mathematics instruction in a blended, one-to-one, technology-supported environment. Middle schoolers (5th – 8th grade) receive a half day of academic instruction in classes that average no more than 25 students.


“Because creatives are idea people, they often make profound changes in
 society and in culture. Here at Parker Performing Arts we’ve developed  a journey 
for creative kids that sets them on that path.


- Phil Molfino, PPA Principal


PPA is now enrolling for the 2024-25 school year. Reserve a spot now.




About Parker Performing Arts School


Parker Performing Arts School (PPA) is a public, tuition free performing arts school serving elementary and middle school students, chartered by the Douglas County School District. We deliver the art of education combining a rigorous academic curriculum and daily training in performing and visual arts We accept all K-8 students interested in pursuing their artistic passion. Enroll now.