An Armchair Tour of Our Elementary School

Sit back, relax, and read all about what’s happening in our Kindergarten – 4th grade.


Elementary Academics & Arts


We start the day at 8:15am every morning. 1st and 3rd graders are in their academic homerooms working on math and literacy in a blended, one-to-one, technology-supported environment. 2nd and 4th graders are attending Elementary Performing Arts Encores where they’re practicing four artistic disciplines --  music, musical theater/dance, tumbling/movement and visual arts –in a no-risk environment that encourages them to explore all forms of creative expression. (No audition is required to attend PPA. We’re open to all K-8 students interested in the arts.)


Because the potential to use math, literacy, science, and history is limitless, we’re applying academic education standards in both the classroom and all our arts settings.


“At PPA the arts are our common passion, our common language, and central to a highly engaging educational experience that brings together students from diverse backgrounds from across the metro area.”


 PPA Principal, Phil Molfino


Looking for our Kindergarten students? They receive all their programming in their classroom  – foundational math and literacy in the morning and arts instruction in the afternoon.


Elementary Performing


Parker Performing Arts elementary students practice ribbon dancing in a tumbling/movement class.


Want to see a show? Every elementary student performs in a grade-level show each school year. They collaborate with classmates to demonstrate growth in singing, dancing, acting and playing instruments. The shows become more complex and intricate as they advance through the higher grades.


“I love walking through the halls and seeing our students rehearsing, singing, and dancing. It’s such a joy for me to look at them in their ballet shoes and costumes as

 they move from class to class with such pride. These kids are doing amazing work that culminates in many incredible stage performances!”


Michelle Leisy, Elementary Musical Theater Teacher


Before & After-School at PPA


Parker Performing Arts Elementary School students studying math in their academic homeroom.


PPA is open to enrolled students from 6:30 am until 6:00 pm. Our before and after-school Spotlight  program is designed to complement school day activities. We also run vacation week and summer camps for our enrolled students.


When our students are back with you at home, we encourage them to strengthen their literacy by reading with family members. Upper elementary students are assigned homework that includes the independent practice of skills they are acquiring in the classroom.


Thank you for joining us on this tour. We invite you to visit the Parker Performing Arts Elementary School in-person to see all we’re doing here. A limited number of spots are still available for the 2024-2025 school year. Complete this form and reserve a place today.




About Parker Performing Arts School


Parker Performing Arts School (PPA) is a public, tuition free performing arts school serving elementary and middle school students, chartered by the Douglas County School District. We deliver the art of education combining a rigorous academic curriculum and daily training in performing and visual arts We accept all K-8 students interested in pursuing their artistic passion. Enroll now.