Visual Arts @ PPA

At PPA Visual Arts Bring Imagination to Life


The PPA’s visual arts program is designed to give students the tools and strategies to think creatively and bring vision and imagination to life through various media including painting, drawing, ceramics, photography, and weaving.


A Parker Performing Arts middle school visual arts student uses a table to create a photo of a sunflower.


Instruments Taught at PPA


In K-4, visual art is an Encore class students attend every other week.  In grades 5-8, visual art is an elective class. Middle school students can choose to take Visual Art to explore drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture or Drawing which focuses on technical skills, elements of art, and principles of design using drawing media such as pastels, color pencil, pencil, and charcoal. Advanced Visual Art is offered to 7th and 8th graders who already have a strong foundation and demonstrate confidence in using art media for drawing, painting, and/or sculpture.


PPA Visual Arts in the Community


A tray of pastel sticks used by K-8 students to create visual arts at Parker Performing Arts School.


Student artwork is exhibited in a variety of ways both within the school community and through public displays around Douglas County. PPA hosts an evening art show every year and showcases student art pieces in the school’s hallways and in a virtual art gallery on our website.


Our students’ artwork is beautifying the town of Parker adorning lamp posts, manhole covers, and electrical boxes in O’Brien Park.  


In response to overwhelming interest from students PPA’s visual arts program continues to grow rapidly. No prior experience is necessary to pursue visual arts here. A limited number of spots are still available for the 2024-25 school year which begins August 14th. Contact us today to learn more about how to enroll.





About Parker Performing Arts School


Parker Performing Arts School (PPA) is a public, tuition free performing arts school serving elementary and middle school students, chartered by the Douglas County School District. We deliver the art of education combining a rigorous academic curriculum and daily training in performing and visual arts We accept all K-8 students interested in pursuing their artistic passion. Enroll now.