Spotlight Before & After Care


Welcome to The SpotLight

Policies and Procedures


Enrollment into SpotLight is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Enrollment is limited. Parker Performing Arts students ages 5-14 are eligible to attend the before/after-care program.


Parents must request enrollment into the school by completing a “Before and After School Program Application Form.” Submittal of this form does not guarantee enrollment for the potential student, nor does it legally bind families to enroll in PPA’s SpotLight. The completed Application Form is to be submitted to PPA via personal delivery, U.S. postal mail service, or fax. Enrollment Applications can be obtained from the SpotLight Director, Pauline Villalba, who will be able to give the most up to date information on available places.  Once completed and returned, the SpotLight director will confirm if your space is secured and will send the registration kit, which includes the necessary emergency contact, medical, and accounting information. All medical, emergency contact, and accounting  information must be completed in its entirety before we can accept any children into our program.  


If your child will not be able to attend the SpotLight on a day that he or she is registered for, please notify the Director, Pauline Villalba at as soon as possible.  Parker Performing Arts cannot offer refunds or day exchanges for absences.

Arrival and Dismissal

Before School Arrival:

All students enrolled in SpotLight will enter through the playground entrance and be escorted in by the adult dropping them off.  Children must never enter, or leave, the building unaccompanied.

Before School Dismissal:

During the first few days of school, SpotLight Kindergarten students will be escorted to their classrooms at the beginning of the school day. Once students are familiar with their routine, they will be dismissed to their classroom with their classmates.

After School Arrival:

During the first few weeks of school, enrolled students will be directed from their classroom at the end of the school day, and may be escorted to their SpotLight location, dependent on their grade. Once students are familiar with the routine, they will be dismissed to the cafeteria and checked in by a SpotLight staff member.

After School Dismissal:

Students will be picked up through the playground entrance of the building. Authorized person for pick-up must sign out the child/children they are picking up from the SpotLight.  Kindie, 1st and 2nd grade students will be in their classroom.

General SpotLight Schedule and Student Placement

Before School:

6:30 -8:00 a.m. – Student drop-off – Group play, reading, additional activities

8:00 a.m. – Students are excused to their homeroom class

WEDNESDAY: 6:30am -8:40am - Student drop-off, with students excused to their class at 8:40am.

After School:

  • Middle school students are dismissed from their classes at 3:15 PM. They are met by their SpotLight teacher in the cafeteria and checked into the program.
  • At 3:30 PM, Kindie-8th grade SpotLight students will meet in the cafeteria where their teachers will take attendance and check students into the program.
  • Kindie – 2nd grade SpotLight students will be in a classroom where their designated teacher will also take attendance and check students into the program.
  • At 4:00 PM, our SpotLight program will divide into two groups: students that would like to play outside will head outside with their teachers (weather permitting), and students that would like to stay inside to play with centers or start on their homework assignment may do so as well. There will be staff assigned for both designations in accordance with teacher-student ratio regulations recommended by the Colorado Department of Human Services.
  • PPA SpotLight staff offer support for our students that may need more time and help with their school work, but SpotLight staff is not responsible for student’s homework assignments. We can only offer homework help when children ask for help, and by monitoring the noise level of our program and providing our students with any materials that they may need while they work on their homework.
  • Kindergarten through 8th grade pick up is no later than 6:00 PM

(please refer to page 8 for late pick-up fees)

*(Please note, that this schedule is subject to change, if ever needed,  to act in accordance with student-teacher ratio regulations recommended by the Colorado Department of Human Services, or to accommodate to any weather delays, specific activities taking place on campus, or if the location is deemed unsafe or hazardous for the children at any given moment.)


All children will be signed in and out by the authorized person dropping off and/or picking up.



Before school – 6:30 a.m. until the beginning of the school day

After school – end of the school day until 6:00 p.m.

Teacher/Student Ratio

Parker Performing Arts’ SpotLight program meets or exceeds the teacher to student ratios that are outlined by the Department of Human Services.

Monthly Tuition Rates

Please see the SpotLight page of our school website for the current rates. No partial day/week rates are available at this time, with the exception of preschool children who only attend Parker Performing Arts Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday-Thursday.

Electronic Payments

Before a student may attend, an “Electronic Funds Transfer” agreement must be completed and turned in. This form is included in the registration kit that is sent to parents upon completing the Before and After School Enrichment application form.

Only Visa, MasterCard, and electronic payments will be accepted.  

** Payments will occur every 2 weeks. **

Late Payments

In the event that the Electronic Funds Transfer fails and payment is not received by the 15th of each month, a $50.00 late fee will be charged. If two (2) consecutive payments are missed, the student may be dis-enrolled from SpotLight programs.

Late Pick-Up Fee

Each of the PPA staff is required to “clock out” on schedule. All children must be picked up by the closure of the program. A charge (starting at one minute after closing) of $3.00 per minute thereafter will be added to the child’s account. This will automatically be added to the family account and processed with the next scheduled payment.  Please do not assume that phoning to let the staff know of your intentions warrants waiving the fees. Please remember that employees may have after work commitments and need to leave the center on schedule. It is uncomfortable for classroom staff to have to remind parents of the policies. Recurring late pick-ups may result in dismissal from the program.  Should a child remain at the center more than 30 minutes past center closure and it is determined that it is impossible to communicate with the parent, 911 will be called and the child will be released to the local police department.

Exceptions will be made if a large number of parents are late due to traffic or inclement weather. Late pick-up charges are as follows:

  • $3 per minute after the end of the program
  • K-8 charges begin at 6:01PM



Scheduled and unscheduled times are provided for television, video viewing, and computer use within the SpotLight after-school program. The staff will approve all programs and videos in advance. Generally, G-rated movies are acceptable. Parental input concerning content is welcome. On special occasions, the classroom staff will allow the children to take turns bringing their favorite movie. Parents should use caution to avoid films containing inappropriate language, violence, or especially traumatic scenes. The Program Director reserves the right to refrain from showing movies containing any content determined inappropriate. The same general guidelines apply to all media utilized in the classroom environment.


Withdrawal forms can be found online, and must be completed and returned to the Director, Pauline Villalba (  A two weeks’ notice is required.  Charges will continue until the end of the two weeks’ notice regardless of whether or not the student will attend.

Field Trips

Parker Performing Arts SpotLight program does not organize or participate in field trips.  As we do not leave the premise, late arrivals will be checked in and join the appropriate group.


As we do not leave the premise, no transportation is utilized.

School Closings

SpotLight will follow PPA closings for emergencies or inclement weather.

The Douglas County School District telephone hotline is the best resource in the event of delay and closure. Changes and closures will be reported by high school feeder areas on local media outlets.

Parker Performing Arts also retains the right to make an independent decision regarding closures, so parents should also check the PPA website.

  • Parker Performing Arts will fall under the Highlands Ranch Feeder Area.
  • Douglas County weather hotline: 303.387.SNOW (7669)


Snow Make-Up Days

If necessary, SpotLight sessions will be held on all Parker Performing Arts snow make-up days, as we follow PPA’s school calendar and closing schedule.  If no make-up day is necessary, no additional adjustments I time or tuition will be made.

Snacks in the Classroom

An opportunity for snacks will be provided during both Before and After School Enrichment sessions. Please send a nutritious snack and a water bottle along with your child for them to have during the after-school program. No nuts or peanuts, please.  Snacks will NOT be provided.


Every effort will be made to keep your child clean during messy activities.


Children should be adequately and appropriately dressed to go outside every day. All children will go outdoors unless otherwise stated in writing by a physician, with exceptions made for extreme temperatures.  

Please be sure to apply sunscreen before coming to school on sunny days. Sunscreen will be available at the beginning of the after school BASE session. Should the temperature outside rise above 95˚F (or feel as such), the children will remain indoors. On excessively hot days, the staff will provide alternate activities indoors and children will be encouraged to increase their intake of water on these days.

On winter days children should come to school with adequate coats, hats, boots and gloves. Should the temperature outside fall below 25˚F (or feel as such), the children will remain indoors.

If the temperature nears either of these extremes, adjustments will be made in the length of time the children will be allowed to remain outside.

Parker Performing Arts is equipped with adequate heat and air conditioning. If for some reason, the system fails while the temperature outdoors has risen above  95˚F or falls below 35˚F, PPA will close until the situation can be remedied. If maintenance problems that would prevent the center from operating safely and in a healthy manner should occur, the center will close until the problem is remedied.  There will be no tuition adjustments in the event of adverse weather or emergency closures.

Blizzards  In the event of a blizzard occurring during the hours your child is at the center, proper protection, nutrition, and communication will be established until you can be reunited with your child. If needed, overnight arrangements will be made maintaining the required staff-to-child ratio.

If weather temperatures are above 90 degrees students will go outside for no more than 10 minutes.  If temperatures are above 100 degrees students will not go outside. If temperatures are between 32 and 25 degrees with wind chill factored in they will go outside for 10 minutes.  If the temperature or wind chill is below 25 degrees students will not go outside. Please refer to the State Child Care Weather Watch Link for a detailed explanation of our weather procedures.                                                                                                                                                                 

Child Abuse

At Parker Performing Arts, all staff has successfully received State Police and Child Abuse History Clearance checks. It is required by the state of Colorado that we make parents aware that state laws require that any and all incidents of suspected child abuse or neglect be reported to the appropriate agency. In turn, it is the agency’s responsibility to investigate each reported case.

If you believe your child has been abused, you should seek assistance from your local Department of Human Services. Douglas  County Department of Social Services may be reached at 303-663-6270.                            

Special Needs Children

PPA will make every effort to accommodate any special needs your child might have as long as our staff is qualified to accommodate those specific needs and those needs do not affect our staff-to-child ratio. Special needs services through the student’s home public school district are available and will be accommodated within our regular classroom environment. At PPA we want to ensure the safety of all children.  If we have a child who has any disabilities and other access or functional needs, we will determine a plan for their evacuation on a individual basis prior to them starting school, to include medical supplies, adaptive equipment and assistance as needed.

Non-Discrimination Policy

It is the intention of PPA to be fair and equitable to all potential students. PPA will not discriminate against any student based on race, creed, color, gender, national origin, religion, ancestry, disability, socioeconomic status, or need for special education. Students with disabilities, “at risk” students, and gifted and talented students will be enrolled in the same manner as other students.

Location of Children

The individual programs may require that the children move to various locations on the property. When a group leaves their regular destination, a note explaining their location will be placed at the designated communication area.

Safety Sweep

To ensure the safety of all children at pick up/end of the day, Lead Teachers will do a final sweep of the classroom after all children have been signed out for the day.  Following, the Director will do a final check of all classrooms, bathrooms and playground and initial the bottom of the daily sign in/out page to ensure all PPA students have been picked up.

Personal Belongings

All items brought from home should be clearly marked with the child’s full name. Remember, many other children with similar items and clothing attend. Although we make every effort to keep close track, things do get misplaced. If you love it, label it! Children are not to bring any toy to school unless otherwise specified by the teacher, the calendar, or newsletter.  Please do not allow children to bring money to school. PPA will not be responsible for lost or misplaced items.

Lost and Found

Lost items will be placed in Parker Performing Arts Lost and Found. SpotLight staff should be notified immediately if an item is left, so that it may be set aside until the next school day.

Emergency Preparedness

Scheduled and unscheduled fire and tornado drills will be conducted throughout the center and school building. Procedures for exit from the center will be posted in every classroom. The respective teacher will remove the children from their classrooms in an orderly and expedient manner following the direction of exit indicated on the “EXIT Procedure.” Please remember that problems can occur in an emergency situation, so help us by ensuring that your student is signed in or out as they are dropped off/picked up. Should a parent be in the process of dropping off/picking up a child during one of these events, they are asked to remain with the group until the “all clear” is given and all of the children are accounted for. In an actual emergency, drill procedures will be followed.

*Reunification Procedures*

In the event of a total evacuation of the site, students will assemble at a predetermined location and will be bussed to Chaparral High School. This is the site of reunification with parents.

*Please be advised that our reunification location is subject to change in accordance with The Douglas County Sheriff Department and The Douglas County School District.

Visitors and Building Security

Unfamiliar visitors will be required to present photo identification and sign in.  They will then be escorted to the proper area. Only those pre-approved will be allowed access to the specified child or allowed to remove them from the premises.

Returning to Classrooms

Children will not be allowed access to the regular classrooms before or after school, as the rooms are kept locked by classroom teachers when school is not in session. Parents, teachers, and SpotLight staff can work together to remind students to gather all of the belonging that they will need outside of school.

Accounting Questions

Please direct all accounting questions, including Dependent Care Reimbursements and Tax issues to Mrs. Maestas in the business office –

Lost Child

To ensure the safety of your child, “head counts” will be taken throughout the course of a day in correlation with the numbers and names of children listed on the Daily Roster. Students leaving the main group to take a bathroom break, etc. will be issued with a SpotLight Hall Pass and their name recorded. In the unexpected event a child should become lost, every effort will be made by the PPA staff and all other available adult supervisors to find the child. The parents, as well as the proper authorities, will be contacted without hesitation and within a reasonable time frame.

Program and Staff

Parker Performing Arts Founding Principles

SpotLight aligns all endeavors in accordance with Parker Performing Arts Founding Principles, which are as follows:

  • To foster a joy of learning and a passion for knowledge in each student by offering a rigorous, research-based and content-rich curriculum that challenges each student to achieve at their highest potential.
  • To encourage children to actively participate in their local community and to help them gain an appreciation and increased sense of compassion for others regardless of ability or circumstance.
  • To create independent, well-rounded and confident students through a program that effectively balances academics, arts education and general wellness.
  • To provide a school culture where students, parents and educators are welcomed, valued and actively engaged in the learning process.
  • To hire staff members who are committed to the mission of our school and provide opportunities for them to learn from each other and to learn from other educational professionals.
  • To provide a student learning environment that increases academic achievement and fosters the development of social skills through effective classroom management strategies and a clear and consistent school-wide discipline policy.
  • To recognize that not all students start at the same level, learn in the same way or master skills at the same pace and to provide a variety of teaching strategies and instructional methods that recognize these differences to make learning accessible to every student.
  • To increase awareness and support for parental choice in education by creating a community of advocates that are actively involved in the charter school industry.



Parker Performing Arts is proud to employ highly qualified individuals who are dedicated to the betterment of each and every PPA student. Based on these standards of excellence, SpotLIght staff members meet or exceed the necessary requirements outlined by the Colorado Departments of Education and Human Services. Parker Performing Arts employees are required to attend professional development training throughout the year.


SpotLight exists to supplement the school day at Parker Performing Arts. To support this goal, SpotLight teachers are dedicated to aligning all programming with Parker Performing Arts developmentally appropriate, academic program. As we correlate our approach with supporting curriculum across all disciplines, an emphasis is also placed on cognitive skills, curiosity, social confidence, community service, character development, and leadership training.  

More information on Parker Performing Arts education philosophies and curriculum can be found in our School Handbook and on our website.


SpotLight aligns with Parker Performing Arts discipline policies, which can be found in the Parker Performing Arts Parent Handbooks:

General Discipline Process

Good discipline is expected at PPA. Because good behavior is part of the PPA experience, we feel that little time will be needed to correct inappropriate behavior.  The following are simple rules we expect all students to comply with:

  • We will respect and obey all staff members and other adults.
  • We will treat others as we would like to be treated.
  • We will use appropriate language:  no swearing, foul speech, threats, and name-calling.
  • We will keep our hands and feet to ourselves: no fighting, kicking, or any physical action that would be harmful or degrading.
  • We will respect the property of staff, students, and the school.
  • We will do all of our own school work:  no copying another’s, copying from another source, allowing others to copy from us, or forging signatures.
  • We will be honest in all things, even when telling the truth might be difficult.
  • We will not bring any object to school that looks like or is a weapon (e.g.: knives, guns).
  • We will not throw food or objects in the cafeteria or other areas of the school.
  • We will not run or yell in any part of the school.
  • We will not steal.
  • We will not chew gum at any time in the school.
  • We will wear appropriate uniform at all times.


These expectations were developed so that parents, students, and staff members will have a common understanding of what is expected from students regarding their behavior while attending school. Proper adherence to these expectations ensures a safe and orderly learning environment conducive to optimum learning. It is full intent of PPA that expectations will be implemented in a fair and consistent manner, and that open communication and cooperation will exist among parents, students, and staff members. In all matters where expulsion is indicated, the matter will be referred to the District’s designee. With respect to any suspension of a child with a disability, such suspension shall comply with federal law. In the event there is a conflict between the foregoing and state or federal law, state or federal law shall control.


Change of Information

Parents are asked to notify the Director immediately if there is any change of information including, address, phone, email, or medical information. In the case of emergency, updated records are of the utmost importance.

Change of Pick-Up/Emergency Contacts

Parents must list all individuals permitted to pick up their child from SpotLight at the end of the day, or in the event of an emergency. This information will provided at the beginning of the school year, when a child is first enrolled in SpotLight. Any changes to this list must be made in writing before they may be adhered to.


Please check Principal Burgess’ Weekly Update, delivered via email, for periodic updates and pertinent information.

Conferences and Parent Communication

Should a situation arise where a parent is in disagreement with a staff member and would like to speak in detail about the concern, the parent should speak with that staff member in the absence of children. Appointments may be set up for this purpose. A staff member’s attention should never be taken away from the supervision of the children for any reason.


Our license indicates that the facility has met the regulations for operating a childcare facility. We make every effort to provide a safe environment for the children. Our staff’s goal is to build an interpersonal partnership with parents to provide the most suitable environment for their child. Our classroom instruction seeks to improve and enhance the parenting experience, including a stronger teacher-parent-child relationship. Please address classroom concerns with the classroom staff first. In the unlikely case that an amiable and timely solution is not found, the director should be contacted. If there are outstanding problems, which concern you at our center, a report may be made to the Colorado Department of Human Services in writing or by phone at 303-866-5958.

Volunteer Opportunities

Parents will have plenty of opportunities to volunteer in the SpotLight program. Please check the volunteer page of our school website periodically, as well as the Weekly Update for details.

Questions or Concerns

If a question or concern arises at any time throughout the school year, please contact DIRECTOR TBD  Please see the Parker Performing Arts Parent Handbook to find more information about our school-wide policy for conflict resolution.

Health Information

Immunization Requirements

Colorado State Immunization Law requires all students to submit a Certificate of Immunization or Exemption to attend school. Colorado now requires DPT, Polio, MMR, Varicella and/or chicken pox verification, and Hepatitis immunizations – the number depends upon the age of the child. If shots are not up-to-date, only 14 days are given to provide documentation that the required immunizations have been completed before exclusion will occur. Statement of Exemption is allowed for medical, religious, and personal reasons when properly documented and signed.


Prescription and non-prescription (over-the-counter) medications for eyes or ears, all oral medications, topical medications, inhaled medications, and certain emergency injections can be administered only with the written order of a person with prescriptive authority and with written parental consent. All medications will require a “Medication Permission” form signed by the physician and parent and must be signed in at the office.   Keep in mind, that this procedure may differ from the district procedures in elementary and middle school.

Students with allergies or medical conditions that require specific treatment or protocol are required to have a Health Care Plan signed by both the physician and parent. Forms can be obtained through the front office.

Administering Medicine

Because the SpotLight program must maintain a license through CDHS, the rules and regulations regarding medications administration differ slightly from those applied during the regular school day.

If a child is to be given any (prescription or non-prescription) medicine, there must be an accompanying parent and “Medication Permission” form completed by the parent and physician’s office.  Please be sure all medications are in their original containers, labeled with the child’s name and signed in on the Medication Log at the nurse’s office, where they will be safely and securely stored. Medications being picked up are to be signed out as well. Medicines left past the end date may be destroyed.  Allergies or more serious medical conditions may require a Health Care Plan specific to the condition. Nebulizers require a “Nebulizer Treatment” form.

If your child has been prescribed a medication to be taken three or more times a day, be sure that you give the children the appropriate first dose before drop-off.

Medications will be administered only by individuals officially trained and delegated by the nurse consultant. PLEASE do not mix medications in food or drinks brought from home.

Topical preparations such as petroleum jelly, rash ointments, sunscreen, bug sprays, and other ointments may be administered to children with written parental authorization. These preparations may not be applied to open wounds or broken skin unless there is a written order by the prescribing practitioner.

Sunscreens, lip ointment, and other preventative medications may be given with parent permission as long as no treatable condition exists.

The procedure for administering children’s medicines and delegation of medication administration in compliance with Section 12-38-132, C R S., of the “Nurse Practice Act.


Minor injuries will be treated as appropriate (ice, band aid, rest) by the person with delegated medication administration authority, usually the Director. Parents will be informed of minor bumps and abrasions.

Should the injury be of a more serious nature, the parent will be called and advised of the injury and an Incident Report will be completed. The parent or guardian and the director/acting director will determine if the child should be seen by a physician.  Should the injury require immediate emergency attention, both paramedics and parents will be contacted. Parents should advise the center if any injury results in a visit to the doctor or hospital.