10 Reasons to Enroll at PPA

1- A Creative School for Creative Kids


“PPA really is a school like no other. Its community is so diverse, yet welcoming. The 

teachers feel like they’re excited to teach. You’ll graduate feeling happier with honed skills in academics and the arts. That’s not something you can get at a regular ol’ elementary/middle school.”


Nolan McDowell, ‘22


Parker Performing Arts elementary-aged students, dressed as farmers, are on the stage during a performance.


PPA was founded in 2016 by a group of parents, teachers, community, and arts leaders who envisioned an academically excellent school focused on keeping the arts free and accessible to the K-8 students of Douglas County. Any child interested in pursuing art and performance has that opportunity at Parker Performing Arts School.


2 - No Audition/No Prior Experience Required


“[Our daughter] has so much joy going to school every morning. We all appreciate that she is able to spend half of her school day exploring interests  such as musical theatre, tumbling, dance, music, and art. We believe this, in addition to the amazing teachers at PPA, have helped her thrive.”


PPA Parent


No audition is required to attend PPA. Our students are exploring dance, movement, theater, music, and visual arts during a school day that’s split between rigorous academics and arts training. Instruction is offered at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels.


3 - Arts Training ½ the Day Every Day


Parker Performing Arts middle school dance student in a ballet pose during a stage performance.


“PPA has something for all types. My youngest loves orchestra, dance, art, and acting; While our older child likes to be behind the scenes in tech theater, theatre design, and art.”


PPA Parent

Beginning in kindergarten, students build a solid foundation in four artistic disciplines: music,

musical theater/dance, tumbling/movement and visual art. In middle school, 5th - 8th graders select four performing arts electives each semester from the 5 PPA Artistic Pathways.


4 - Everyone Gets the Chance to Perform


“In our class, each grade puts on its own musical. On show day the energy is electric. Our students beam with excitement as they get ready to perform. And I love celebrating their accomplishments with them post show!”

Michelle Leisy, Elementary Musical Theater teacher


PPA features two major productions each year. In the fall it’s a musical that’s open to students in grades 1-8. The spring show features middle schoolers.  Every student performs in a grade-level play as part of the curriculum. The theater classes also perform shorter plays at the end of each semester.


5 - 5th Graders Learn to Play an Instrument


“Our goal at PPA is for every student completing their middle school education

here to leave the building as a well-rounded artist. We believe that learning to play an instrument is an incredibly important part of a student’s artistic and musical growth.”


 Caitlin Hilzer, Dean of Performing Arts


Parker Performing Arts 5th graders – boys and girls – are practicing violin in a orchestra class.


PPA was founded in 2016 by a group of parents, teachers, community, and arts leaders who envisioned an academically excellent school focused on keeping the arts free and accessible to the K-8 students of Douglas County. Any child interested in pursuing art and performance has that opportunity at Parker Performing Arts School.


Learning to play an instrument:

  • develops the essential skills of perseverance and persistence, beneficial throughout life
  • increases confidence and safe risk-taking
  • improves comprehension in math and literacy
  • encourages collaboration with others
  • helps to internalize music in a way listening to music can’t
  • expands artistic opportunities

6 - Teachers are Trained Professional Artists

“The teachers are some of the best I’ve ever had. Every teacher I have right now makes me want to come to school. They are at PPA because they love teaching and helping students succeed. I can tell you that each and every one of them would help me in a heartbeat if I asked for it.”


 Student review, posted to Google


Our teachers are passionate, experienced teaching artists who continue to practice their craft professionally.


7 - Rigorous Academics


“At PPA we coalesce around the arts so kids can focus on what it is they want to do;
but we’re growing kids academically as well as artistically.”


 Phil Molfino, PPA Principal


PPA’s arts-focused education inspires learning. At the elementary level (K-4th grade) our students engage in literacy and mathematics instruction in a blended, one-to-one, technology-supported environment. Middle schoolers (5th – 8th grade) receive a half day of academic instruction in classes that average no more than 25 students. Because the potential to use math, literacy, science and history in the arts is limitless academic education standards are applied to the arts curriculum as well.


8 - Expansive Visual Arts Program


The PPA visual arts program is designed to give students the tools and strategies to think creatively and to bring vision and imagination to life through various media including painting, drawing, ceramics, photography, and weaving.


9 - Before and After School Activities


PPA is open to enrolled students from 6:30 am until 6:00 pm. Our before and after school Spotlight program is designed to complement school day activities. The Spotlight teachers align all programming with PPA’s developmentally appropriate, academic programs.

10 - Advanced Arts Electives

Our middle school electives include theater design and multimedia production where 5th - 8th graders learn how to write screenplays and direct movies. The ever-expanding visual arts offerings include drawing, painting, sculpture and handicrafts. This program is designed to not only foster creative expression, communication through artistic endeavor, and appreciation of culture and heritage, but to enable students to refine their technique, increase their artistic vocabulary, and express themselves.

“An amazing group of people fill this building. Each student brings their own special piece to this place. I love to see the excitement on their faces when they learn something new. Plus, the staff I get to work with is like no other!”

Heather Robinette, 3rd & 4th grade math and literacy teacher

A limited number of seats are still available for the 2024-25 school year.  Contact us today to learn more about the unique education experience PPA offers for elementary and middle school students interested in the arts.




About Parker Performing Arts School


Parker Performing Arts School (PPA) is a public, tuition free performing arts school serving elementary and middle school students, chartered by the Douglas County School District. We deliver the art of education combining a rigorous academic curriculum and daily training in performing and visual arts We accept all K-8 students interested in pursuing their artistic passion. Enroll now.